About Us

Change Cosmetics Inc. was founded in the United States in 2013 by Aramis Vargas, President and Senior Color Chemist at Change Cosmetics Inc. Aramis developed a love and understanding for his craft after working as a hair color and color chemist for over two decades for some of the best labs and hair product brands all over the world. He felt that formulating for others wasn’t a option anymore and he wanted more. He wanted to innovate and had a dream of creating his own brand of products his way. This was how Change Cosmetics was born.

Change that comes from changing your hair or your look was Aramis’ main focus. He was also focused in bringing products that are healthy, strong, and efficient. With a unique untraceable semi-permanent color formula in the world, that he innovated over the years, Aramis is in a league of his own. His main goal is to create hair products and color that are vegan based, safe, and healthy for everyone that uses them.

Our mission and commitment

Our goal is to provide solutions for licensed professionals that they can count on to solve their problems, build culture, and a great career. We are committed to carefully formulating products that are made from the best and most natural ingredients on the market today.

Our hair colors and hair care products are always free of paragon, sulfate, coached DEA, formaldehyde, phthalates, and many other raw materials that a lot of color lines use. We avoid using them because they have been proven to be very harmful to users.