Clear Gloss Xellophane2k

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Xellophane2k Clear Gloss: is a luxurious, 100% vegan, translucent shine enhancer and revitalizer that provides reflective, unparalleled, luminocity. It provides shine and conditioning while amping natural color and preserving the natural moisture of hair. Xellophane2k is a new advanced formula of non-oxidative FDA-Cosmetic dyes and UV-light blockers. Strength is infused from natural herbs, proteins, and vitamins. It provides the dual action of reconstruction and nourishment hair needs from root to tip bringing it to its healthy natural 4.5-5.5 PH level. It also prevents fungi and bacteria in the hair and scalp. Enriched with pure silk amino acids; Xellophane2k plumbs the shaft and seals the cuticle layer to display the most translucent, shiny, beautiful color, and supreme luster. With this product, it helps promote hair that is healthy and more manageable than ever. There is no ammonia, peroxide, alcohol, sulfates or parabens. Most importantly, Xellophane2k is never tested on animals.